Built for Life

High performance construction to independent 3rd party standards.
Energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
Well designed and well built.

Built for You

We started BrightLeaf Homes because we believe not only that we need more high performance, sustainable, and energy-efficient homes but also because we think that they need to be affordable for regular families.  We focus on renovating, building, and consulting on new high quality homes on sites in existing neighborhoods because there are huge benefits to having easy access to schools, parks, transportation, restaurants, and shopping.

The economic and environmental impact of building and living in far out, sprawling subdivisions is slowly making it more attractive, more affordable, and in some cases, necessary to live closer to work, closer to schools, and in areas where biking and walking is easy and interesting to do.

There are hundreds of builders in the area who will build you a house, but very few of them will build a home with a focus on it being comfortable to live in, simple to maintain, and affordable to heat and cool.  Even fewer focus on the impact of the home and the materials used to build it on the environment, the community, and the health of the people who live in it every day.

If you are interested in living in a home that is super energy-efficient, well designed, healthy, and still affordable, please browse through the links on the left and contact us today to find out more about starting the experience of having your home Built for Life.

About the Company

We established BrightLeaf Homes LLC as a homebuilding and construction management company that focuses on high performance, sustainable homes on infill sites. We leverage the strengths of planning and management processes, our trade partner relationships, and our extensive construction knowledge and experience to deliver you an exceptional home that is completed on time, at the projected budget, and at the level of quality that you expect.

When you work with BrightLeaf Homes you work with a team of professionals from start to finish. Our three managing partners have extensive experience in design, project management, and sustainable construction. In addition to building new homes, we also have years of experience in inspecting and retrofitting existing homes to be more energy efficient and comfortable to live in, allowing us to explain and provide solutions for many common concerns of our clients. In everything that we do, we believe that proper planning will prevent poor performance and that utilizing carefully created systems and processes, with an eye towards constantly improving them, will ensure that each home that we build meets the project goals and creates a new homeowner that will confidently and consistently recommend working with BrightLeaf to friends and family.

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